March 21, 2016 - Boston, MA and Belfast, UK - Cayan, The Payments Possibilities Company, today announced their third annual three-day Hackathon will kick off on March 22, 2016. During the event, Cayan’s engineers will have free rein to code, build and “hack” at something they find interesting and integral to pushing the needle forward in the payments industry. At the end of the Hackathon, the company will vote on the projects they find the most innovative during a showcase put on by the engineers.

“The Hackathon is a great way to shine a light on Cayan’s culture of creativity, innovation and talent,” said Henry Helgeson, CEO and co-founder of Cayan. “In years past, the Hackathon has led to important advances in our technology. Hackathons put the power back into the hands of our talented technology team.”

During the Hackathon, the engineers are encouraged to utilize Cayan’s rich wealth of data and resources, as well as collaborate with engineers outside of their specific teams.

“It’s not every day that you’re given the opportunity to think outside the box and take a deep dive into something that could end up being the next big thing for the industry,” said Dominic Lachowicz, Senior Vice President of Engineering at Cayan. “The Hackathon is a great chance to push the envelope and introduce new ideas that we otherwise may not have been able to pursue.”

During the last two Hackathons held by Cayan, numerous projects found their way on to the companies’ agenda and into production. This included bringing Cayan products to new platforms and expanding Cayan’s Genius to new markets.

For more information on lasy year's Hackathon, visit Insights.  

​​Cayan Announces Third Annual Hackathon in March

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