Cayan Quick Tips: How to Speed Things up at the Register to Avoid Long Lines

We already broke down the benefits of processing payments faster. Now, we’re talking about how you can go beyond fast processing speed to make things even more streamlined at the checkout. With the fast-approaching holiday shopping season bringing crowds and long lines, here’s what it’ll take to get customers in and out in no time. After all, a frustrating time in line could undo a previously positive shopping experience.

1. Be Proactive About EMV Questions

This will be the first holiday season with EMV, and minimizing customer confusion will require a little bit of upfront legwork. If you haven’t already, ensure cashiers know how to spot a chip-enabled card and how to guide shoppers through the new payment process. Otherwise, they may take their card out of the EMV slot before the transaction is complete, holding up the line. Odds are, shoppers will have a few questions about how EMV works, too, so staff should be prepared to ease their worries about the new technology.

2. Don’t Dismiss Mobile Payments

You’ve heard us talk a lot about mobile payments recently, but their ability to speed up the payment process is worth highlighting again. Instead of cashiers waiting for customers to fumble through their wallets for the right credit card, or stand there counting cash, they could be paying with the phone that’s likely already in their hand and getting out of the store far faster. Mobile payments can also avoid the time-consuming process of looking up a customer’s loyalty program account since some platforms can integrate directly with a store’s own program.

3. Amp up Inventory Control

Customers asking for product availability or alternatives regularly appear at registers. This often brings the checkout process to a halt, as cashiers need to look up the item on their computer, go back to the stockroom to search, or call another store to see if they have it in stock. One way to avoid this during busy shopping times is by integrating inventory control software that automatically updates inventory in real time, so there are never questions about what’s in stock and what isn’t.

4. Use That Brief Time at the Register Wisely

By using the above tips, you’ll make the checkout process as speedy as possible, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of those few moments with customers. This is where the benefits of a customizable splash screen come in. Businesses that choose a payment processing option that lets them store branded content in the cloud can push offers and loyalty program information to the screen on their store’s payment device, so shoppers have another incentive to come back right in front of them while they pay.
What has your store done to speed up the checkout process? Leave us a comment and let us know!
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