There are many reasons our agents and ISOs love selling for us, but it’s our relationship managers that routinely receive the highest marks from sales agents and customers alike. In fact, according to our sales force, these five-star support professionals make all the other reasons shine even brighter.

Why is our relationship team so celebrated? We asked Director of Third Party Sales John Buchanan to give us a little insight:

Q:  Why are Cayan’s relationship managers important to the sales team?

This is the team that helps guide new agents through the training process, and more importantly, they assist in getting them started on a successful sales path. Our relationship managers make sure each recruit is equipped with the tools and knowledge needed to go into the field confidently and feel assured of success.

In addition, the relationship support team is dedicated to teaching young Cayan agents what it takes to be successful. Our team keeps a close eye on them and works closely with each one to ensure they know how to close deals and build a vibrant, sustainable portfolio.

Once an agent is more seasoned, the relationship managers are the conduit that keeps them connected to the training process and apprised of industry happenings. Keeping fingers on the pulse of what’s changing in the industry is part of the role the relationship managers fill. This helps ensure the sales team stays in front of market needs and knows where to concentrate to earn prospective business.

Of course, these support personnel are also ready and willing to answer field level questions about pricing, technical implementation, customer service, and value added services. They’re there to help the agents any way they possibly can, because they know the company’s success relies on the success of the sales team.

Q:  Can you describe the main role of the Cayan relationship manager?

This is difficult, because it’s not just one thing. In short, their main objective is to the support the agent in whatever way they can to ensure they are successful and well provisioned.

Because they work so closely with the new recruits, it doesn’t take long for any one agent to get on a first name basis with all of our relationship managers. This camaraderie continues to develop throughout the sales person’s tenure with Cayan.

One of the key contributions the relationship managers make to the sales team is training. We host live webinars every business day of the month, with many of these events personally moderated by the support team. This practice links the two groups together even more and it helps to foster their relationships. In a typical scenario, an agent might talk to Amanda by phone one day regarding an application, then attend a webinar she is moderating the next. It makes for a very collegial environment and the support group is viewed by every agent as a vital part of the sales process.

Q:  What makes Cayan’s relationship management approach unique?

We’re set up with a dedicated team of client service representatives and relationship managers that are there exclusively to support our agents.

We have different experts within the relationship manager group who are called upon to serve as subject matter experts when needed. Our team is well versed in the entire sales process from start to finish, so every relationship manager can help all agents with challenges and questions, and they all train on prospecting, closing, where to find leads, value added services, etc. This model enables us to offer the highest level of support to any agent, at any time, all accessed through a single entry point.

This affords the agents with immediate attention and the assurance their needs are being met and viewed as a top priority. We keep the support team well staffed, so there is always ample service availability. The best part is that they’re all Cayan employees. This way the agents are supported 24/7 in-house, without the help of third parties.

​​Cayan’s relationship managers make it easy for agents to succeed

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