The 2017 NRF BIG Show is approaching, and we couldn’t be more excited. The BIG Show is where retailers go to glimpse the future of the industry, so there’s no better place for us to show our latest innovations in payments.

As retail channels have expanded quickly over the past decade, consumer demand has driven big changes in shopping. From brick and mortar to e-comm to apps, today’s merchants cannot simply choose one avenue. Customers want a retailer to be everywhere, all the time. As “omnichannel” becomes the name of the game, our company went a step further by creating our Unified Commerce Solution Suite™.

Unified Commerce is more than just a collection of products—it’s a philosophy that should be behind the decisions of all retailers. Time and again, the numbers show that customers who shop across channels are more valuable by a large magnitude. Now, we’ve made it simple to reach them. By unifying all customer touchpoints, we create a better shopping journey for your customers and more insightful data for you.

Of course, security is the necessary foundation for this style of retail. With breaches and fraud in the news constantly, customers must trust that you can keep their data safe. That’s why we’ve dedicated massive amounts of resources to keeping your customers protected, making sure data is completely secure while still enabling hassle-free buying across channels.

We hope to see you at NRF 2017—we’ve got a lot to show you about the pieces that make up our Unified Commerce Solution Suite. We’ll be sending you more information in the coming weeks about our products and our participation at the show, so keep on the lookout.

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​​CEO Henry Helgeson Previews NRF 2017

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