While it’s true, selling merchant services isn’t as easy as selling shoes or furniture, we believe any motivated sales professional can master the nuances of the payments industry with the right tools and support. However, like any internally driven program, the development of a robust training system isn’t a commitment every payments company is willing to make.

For this reason, we strongly encourage every agent to thoroughly review a prospective employer’s orientation, training and support offerings before joining its sales team. Where a company’s products, on-boarding policies and customer service standards will impact sales success and merchant retention rates, it’s our contention that the care a company puts toward nurturing the knowledge-base of their sales team will make or break a sales agent’s rate of achievement.

What goes into building and sustaining an award winning agent training program? According to Michael Gavin, Cayan’s Senior Vice President of Sales, “Effectively preparing sales agents to successfully represent your brand is critical to their confidence and it takes a deeper commitment than just teaching the basics about interchange, compliance and equipment; it also involves passing on a cultural depth of understanding about the market, the customers and the industry.”

Gavin says our successful training program is a result of the personalized approach we take while cultivating well-rounded and educated sales people. From the company’s comprehensive orientation process and weekly training opportunities, to its interactive blogs and collaborative testimony, every step in our agent learning journey is infused with a genuine personal touch.

“Cayan’s training approach is built on trust, creating meaningful relationships with sales agents and generating a close connection that ensures agents know where to turn for help with a complex sales scenario, answers to simple questions or even just an encouraging word,” said Anders M., independent sales agent.

Step-by-step program

In addition, we provide a simple step-by-step program to get agents on the road to success. This agent roadmap helps our representatives stay on track with industry changes, learn how to pair solutions to merchant types and stay mentally engaged in selling and supporting our payment solutions.
The program is broken down into three basic, yet empowering, categories:

#1 Onboarding: 

At the onset of the relationship, new agents participate in a comprehensive orientation designed to acquaint them with our company, our people and our resources. Included in this session is an introduction to all of our online business management tools, such as the CB Headquarters agent portal and the CB App Express tool for submitting customer applications online.

They also meet our agent support team, including dedicated relationship managers, account managers and trainers who are always agent-focused. This team supports an agent at every step, including setting up email addresses and online accounts, assisting with the creation of agent websites, ordering business cards, etc.

#2 Trainings: 

We host live trainings every week, often with a minimum of three online sessions per week. Each agent with an online portal account also has unlimited access to an extensive on-demand webinar library. We also host frequent webinars in partnership with industry associations to keep agents current on the latest technologies, regulations and more.

#3 Products, Research and Development:

We’re also committed to ensuring agents are equipped with the latest technologies to offer merchants. We give agents ready access to a wide variety of innovative point-of-sale solutions through our online POS Marketplace. The portal features our rich portfolio of future-proof POS products, such as our Genius platform, and the latest in EMV and NFC-enabled solutions for contemporary over-the-counter and mobile transactions.
Also interested in receiving agent input, we actively recruit agents to be part of product pilot programs, and welcome suggestions and opinions about products and solutions they believe are most beneficial to their merchants.

​​Easy as 1-2-3

Put the Genius of Cayan to work for your business.