Mobile payments are proliferating rapidly. Where it was once a niche service only used by technophiles, it’s now become a mainstream payments option that can be accessed by anyone through dozens of different services. Major phone manufacturers have built their own mobile wallets, new apps have capitalized on updated hardware for greater flexibility, businesses developed their own tools to keep customers connected and even major banks are allowing consumers to pay with their phones.

Given this proliferation of mobile payment options, it’s time to ask: Could mobile payments actually become the predominant way we pay? Sure, the explosive growth would seem to indicate that the answer is “yes,” but other factors like interoperability, loyalty and even geography need to be considered before coming to any type of conclusion.

In this ebook, we’ve looked at where mobile payments were, where they are today and where they’re projected to be in the next few years. This isn’t just about a new payment type, either; it’s about understanding consumer preferences so businesses can be ahead of the game.

If you’re unsure of mobile payments or are just curious about their viability, this ebook will help distill the data and allow you to determine whether this payment type will change the point of sale forever.

Mobile Payments eBook

​​Can Mobile Payments Become the Top Way to Pay?

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