Training is among the important parts of sales in the payment processing field. As a result, we pride ourselves on giving agents and representatives the tools and skills they need to create relationships with merchants, ensuring that everyone can have an in-depth conversation about how to make payments work for businesses. 

Jason Sherman, Manager of Knowledge Management, helps lead our training initiatives. With his extensive experience, he's become one of the industry's leading experts on how to teach anyone everything from sales basics to complex best practices. 

We've sat down with Jason to discuss what goes into successful training, how Cayan's programs are designed and what long-term success looks like. Check out what Jason had to say below:

What are the core skills and values you try to instill in training?

It really comes back to "how does this benefit the business owner?". We always try to encourage agents to offer as much as possible to them and to really be their business advisor, someone that helps a merchant decide what programs and services are the right fit to help them succeed. Payment processing is a highly competitive industry and there's always someone gunning for their merchants. The more valuable an agent can be to them the less likely that merchant takes their business elsewhere.

What do you think are the best mediums for training?

In a perfect world every time we needed to do a training we'd get everyone in a room in groups of 6 to 10 and have formalized trainings with follow-up assessments. That just isn't feasible with a channel like this with agents in all 50 states so the next best thing is definitely the webinar, it's amazing to think I can present and interact with people all throughout the country from my desk in Boston. I've always been a visual learner so the webinar format is great, it allows us to load up the presentation with pictures, animations and key phrases we want to emphasize. Knowing people can't always make these sessions, we record and archive them on our agent portal so agents can access them afterwards and reach out to us with additional questions.

What makes our training programs unique in the industry?

I think what makes our program unique is how flexible it can be. We've developed materials that cater to an agent who is brand new to the industry and has never sold a merchant account. We can teach them about how the industry works, how to break down statements and price accounts, sell value adds and how to relate that all to a merchant. On the other side of the spectrum, we have tons of materials for agents with years of experience looking to improve their skills and keep up to date on the newest industry trends and technology. The payment industry as a whole is changing at such a rapid pace that it's become imperative for agents to stay on top of everything and make sure they're not only doing what's right for their existing portfolio but also figuring out how to capitalize on these changes to drive new business.

How do agents benefit in the long run by sticking with the training rather than learning it all up front?

The more often agents engage with these materials the better, we all remember cramming for an exam at some point in our younger years and although we normally did fine, its much tougher to retain that info for down the road. Taking a more regular approach and sticking with the trainings will really help to retain that info for when the agent needs it. A perfect example could be one any of our value-added services we offer, although it may not be the right fit for the merchants they're talking to this week having that information at the ready when they do speak with the right merchant could be what helps them ultimately earn the business. Even for agents that are excelling, it's great for them to revisit these materials to pick up new ideas and reinforce the positive behaviors they're already exhibiting.

Why is training such an integral part of our overall plan?

At the end of the day, we want the best agents in the business; this means they need to know it inside and out and make sure they're staying up to date with the constant changes. The days of reading an industry magazine every couple months and pitching only on rates are dwindling rapidly. If agents aren't willing to embrace and work to capitalize on these new changes, regulations and technologies, they are going to get left in the dust. It always comes back to "how does this benefit the business owner" as long as an agent can continue to demonstrate the benefits to a merchant and show value they'll have no problem succeeding in the industry.  

​​Training in Payments: Jason Sherman Details the Right Ways to Learn

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