It’s true; there are many different types of merchants. This is why the payments industry offers a wide variety of products to help businesses of all types accept payments, incentivize and reward customers, obtain extra working capital and track purchasing activity. In fact, because merchants can be highly diverse in size, type and need, knowing how to provide each one with just the right solution package has become quite a technical and complex job.
It is this complexity that has guided the electronic payments trade from being a single-dimensioned and simple direct point of sale vertical into the multi-billion dollar fintech industry it is today. What’s more, the industry has become so dynamic, service providers are constantly being challenged by consumer demand to expand and enhance product portfolios or risk customer attrition. Now a far cry from the simple merchant services providers they once were, successful payments companies in today’s age have had to become multi-faceted electronic commerce providers that offer some of the most advanced technological solutions at play in the business marketplace. Indeed, the business case behind the industry is thought to be responsible for moving the world through a commerce revolution that has taken consumers and merchants from over-the-counter buying, to online purchasing and onto the present day’s mobile payments transformation.
Payments industry sales people have also experienced a professional transition and seasoned agents are now viewed as specialized technology experts. To be proficient, a sales person in the payments industry needs to be intimately aware of the entire breadth of the product offerings the industry offers, along with why and how each product works better for one merchant versus another. It’s this knowledge that gives our sales representatives the assurance they will always have a complete line of products available to offer each customer independently, regardless of the merchant’s size, POS requirements or vertical industry.
“Cayan believes it is critical for sales agents to have ready access to a complete complement of merchant products that are contemporary and fit today’s business environments,” said John Buchanan, Cayan Director of Third Party Sales. “This not only enables them to establish a well-rounded relationship with new customers, but it also ensures they can sustain that relationship, and it will evolve along with the ever-changing provisions within the industry.”

Something for everyone

 In addition to a full line of traditional payment products that include countertop terminal and tablet-based POS solutions, our agents have a wide variety of value added products and services to offer merchants. Depending on the scope of a business, and how diversified they need their payments package to be, our product suite is designed to work seamlessly and handle every job. From mobile payment acceptance to taking automated clearinghouse payments, we always have a product solution to whatever the customer needs.
Here is a list of our end-to-end suite of value added service offerings:

  • Customizable gift and loyalty program with real-time online reporting and redemption, cross-location and reconciliation capabilities, as well as franchise or merchant group options.

  • Wi-Fi for merchants to enhance their customers’ experience and increase engagement.

  • Check processing enables merchants with the ability to accept check payments electronically just like they would a credit card.

  • Working capital program provides small and medium-sized businesses with fast turn-around loans and working capital to grow.

  • Mobile EMV solution outfits a merchant with everything needed to take a mobile payment via iOS and Android devices, providing chip card acceptance, text and e-receipts, inventory management and real-time reporting and analytics.

With an entire set of value-added offerings readily available to them, our sales agents can take advantage of every opportunity that arises to help a merchant accept every form of electronic payment, run their operation more smoothly and efficiently, and expand into the bigger company they’ve always envisioned becoming. All of which, can be offered directly from a well-appointed and highly regarded service provider in the industry.
“In today’s world, sales professionals have to feel confident the company they represent is progressive and will take care to ensure its product line stays at par with the needs of the marketplace,” concluded Buchanan. 

​​Whatever A Merchant Needs, We Have The Solution

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