Why An Omnichannel Approach is Essential to Success This Holiday Season

Sick of hearing that buzzword by now? While you’re certainly not alone, there are plenty of benefits to getting on board with an omnichannel strategy, and often the hardest part is getting started. After all, there’s a reason stores from Macy’s to Walmart are counting on (and investing in) omnichannel to revive sales by the end of the year. 
With Black Friday and Cyber Monday already behind us, and holiday shopping fully underway, here are three reasons you shouldn’t dismiss omnichannel just yet.

Your Brand Recognition Will Get a Boost Well Into Next Year

If you’re betting on being at the top of shoppers’ minds this holiday season and beyond simply because you have a website, you aren’t putting your best retail foot forward. This time of year is high on sensory overload, and technology only amps up the distractions. It’s important to realize that most people are walking through the mall, getting push notifications from shopping apps on their phones, scrolling past ads on social media and opening promotional emails in their mobile inboxes. The brands that successfully grab shoppers’ attention likely focus on cohesive messaging across all platforms, from the digital to the physical—a defining factor of omnichannel.
While you’re putting your presence out there, remain consistent and customers are far more likely to recognize and remember what your store is about—especially important if you aren’t a big-name retailer. That could mean that the next time they walk by your storefront in the mall, they may decide to step inside instead of continuing on to visit your competition. Don’t be afraid to get creative with building your brand identity, either. For example, if your payment device has the ability to push branding or even upcoming sales to the splash screen so customers see it at the checkout counter, you’ll likely send them off with both their purchase and a lasting impression.

You’ll Gain Greater Insights into What Your Customers Want—And What to Change

By definition, omnichannel is all about abandoning a flat, single-channel customer profile and instead serving up a shopping experience that bridges the gaps between online, in-store, social media, in-app experiences and beyond. With a greater retail playing field, omnichannel allows businesses to experiment with the many ways they interact with current and potential customers.
Maybe advertising an upcoming sale on Twitter resulted in an increase in in-store traffic, but app interactions are lower than expected. When it comes to gleaning insights, retailers are no longer limited to just assessing in-store and online sales. Now, it’s more about connecting the dots in a more dynamic way and figuring out which strategies work and which fall flat—continually getting closer to providing the best possible customer experience.

You Won’t Let a Good Deal Go Unnoticed

When advertising holiday promotions, an omnichannel approach means increasing the number of people who know they can score a deal if they shop with you. As we move into December, there’s no shortage of deals to be had, and hefty discounts alone may not be able to stand on their own. Instead, by making their presence known on multiple screens and in person, stores that brush up on omnichannel in time for the season can shout those discounts from the rooftops and cast a much wider net over potential customers.
One important thing to keep in mind, however: to be useful and not nagging, make sure you’re serving up promotions that are actually useful to those receiving them, and consider bringing personalization into the mix. After all, a study from Infosys found that feeling like a retail experience was created just for them influenced the buying decisions of 86 percent of those surveyed.
What will you be doing this season to make sure you attract customers on all screens and in person? Leave us a comment below and let us know!
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