I Used My Isis Wallet, And I Have an iPhone

NFC, BLE, something new – as the world waits on Apple® to see what they do or do not include in the next iPhone®, existing users have a new way to pay today. While iPhone users have been able to pay by phone using QR codes through digital wallets (LevelUp), mobile commerce applications like those from Isis® have been restricted to non-Apple devices. That is, until now. With the launch of the new CashWrap™ case from Incipio®, iPhone (5/5s and 4/4s) users can now take advantage of the convenience and value of paying with their Isis wallet using NFC technology.

An iPhone user, I was thrilled to get my CashWrap case and set up my Isis Mobile Wallet®. After linking my American Express card, I was ready to shop. I set out seeking my first experience. After checking out the available offers, I noted the locally relevant ones from both Jamba Juice and Toys ‘R’ Us. While I planned to get to those two stores, I was immediately focused on simply finding somewhere to pay with my phone. Of course, NFC is two-way communication, requiring payment acceptance devices that are also NFC enabled, so it took a few rogue taps, before my first experience. But, it was worth the wait.

Out shopping for a few items, I stopped at a national big box retailer to pick up some cosmetics. As the cashier rang up my purchases, I glanced down at the payment terminal – noticing immediately that it was NFC enabled. Instead of reaching for my wallet, which was buried in my purse, I grabbed my phone from my jacket pocket. I opened the Isis wallet and tapped it on the device. The cashier looked at me like I had two heads. She seemed confused as I think I was the first person that had ever paid by phone in front of her. Just as she was about to ask me a question, she glanced at her point-of-sale (POS) system, which showed the approved transaction. Rather than keep her guessing, I said, ‘I paid with my phone,’ explaining that it’s a cool new technology that allows you to tap your phone to pay, and it uses an existing credit card. I also noted that I love it because it’s quicker than using a traditional plastic card and sometimes there are discounts or offers that I receive for using the digital wallet over my physical one. She was intrigued and excited and wrote the name down for her personal reference.

Within the next few weeks, I used the Isis wallet a few more times, once at Jamba Juice and another time at a different retailer. Both times I captured the attention of the cashier as well as those around me. Both times I emphasized what I love about using my phone to pay – it’s quicker, easier and – in my opinion – more secure. And, it’s fun! Admittedly there aren’t a ton of places locally to me that accept NFC payments, it’s certainly worth it when you get to use it!