It may still feel off in the distance, but NRF’s BIG Show is approaching fast. Sure, we’ve still got Christmas and New Years before then, but the holidays only mean that the remaining time will fly by. Before you know it, it will be January 15, and the show will begin. So we’re making sure we’re fully prepared now, and we want to make sure you are, too.

We can’t wait to talk to others in attendance about their opinions on the state of the industry, and we’ll be showing our innovative new solutions that can help merchants of every stripe. If you want to engage with Cayan at NRF, there’s plenty of ways to do it—we’ll be all over the conference. Check out these three ways:


1. Schedule a meeting.

For the prepared among us, schedule a time to come by and talk with us. We want to hear what you think about your payments, your company and your plans for the future. And we’ve got plenty of innovative new solutions we’ll be demonstrating, so we can show you anything you’d like to see while you’re there.


2. Stop by our booth, #2779.

We certainly understand—not everyone knows their plans far enough in advance to schedule a meeting. But that’s fine with us. Just stop by whenever you have a free moment and we’d be happy to talk to you. Here are the new offerings we’re excited to demo at the show:

  • Genius Handheld: An innovative in-aisle payment processor
  • Cayan E-Commerce: Simple, reliable online processing for your website
  • Genius Countertop: The fastest EMV processor available, with simple, automatic updates
  • Gift and Loyalty: A simple, flexible plan to boost revenue and customer engagement
  • EMV Gateway: Get all the benefits of a gateway with the flexibility to choose your acquirer
  • Marketing Customer ID: Make more intelligent business decisions by targeting your customers


3. Visit our partners to see Genius in action

Of course, it’s not just our employees who will be all over NRF—it’s our products, too. Our revolutionary Genius platform will be at our partners’ booths, and you can see how easily it integrates into nearly any POS solution. Several partners will be showing off the power of Genius, including:

  • Citixsys (iVend), Booth #4343
  • Direct Source, Booth #3143
  • Level 10, Booth #1517
  • RPI, Booth #4025
  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Booth #3431
  • Magstar, Booth #3178
  • Merchant Link, Booth #3483


And if you haven’t registered yet—do it now!

We’ll be all over the conference center eager to engage with you, but we won’t be able to if you aren’t there. But there’s still time to register! Sign up here.

See you at the BIG Show!

​​3 Ways to Engage With Cayan at NRF 2017

Put the Genius of Cayan to work for your business.