When today’s consumers shop, they don’t just look for a good price. They also expect a simple, personalized and fast experience.

Genius Handheld, the latest addition to Cayan’s Genius platform, combines all of the features of Genius with the convenience and portability of wireless devices. With Genius Handheld, retailers are able to engage customers anywhere they want by bringing payment acceptance to them. Restaurants can allow customers to split the bill and pay at the table, while retailers can get rid of their counter and work with customers all over the store.

Setup is simple and flexible—partners don’t need to change integration or API. The Genius Handheld device is identified by the IP address, just like our countertop devices. And customers still swipe or insert their own cards, ensuring Genius Handheld meets all EMV requirements.

Genius Handheld has all the power of Genius in a smaller package. Learn more about how Genius Handheld can change your business.

​​Cayan's Chad Lowman on Genius Handheld

Put the Genius of Cayan to work for your business.