We were thrilled to meet everyone at RetailNOW 2016, and enjoyed showcasing what we at Cayan are doing to drive innovation and strategy in the payments technology industry, especially with our EMV solutions.

EMV/chip cards have been one of the most pivotal changes in the payments industry in recent years. Being EMV-ready is helping merchants build customers’ confidence, relieve liability for chargebacks and protect against the rapid increase of fraud. Yet there are still difficulties—industry statistics show long average EMV transaction times.

This is where Cayan shines—our ChipIQ™ technology sets the bar with an average under 4 seconds. And that is the full average of each of our first million transactions, not a cherry picked statistic. Our ChipIQ™ technology is included in the Genius Platform when EMV is enabled, reducing the wait and hassle for customers and employees.

Customer experience is a core value of our products and solutions. ChipIQ was not developed in reaction to the problem of lengthy transactions—it was a conscious and pointed effort from the beginning to ensure the best customer experience possible. While industry leaders and solution providers are only now doing work to improve the situation, Cayan architected the solution with optimizations in place. Our experiences in payments around the globe allowed us early awareness of the problems to be solved with EMV, and help us to anticipate what will be next.

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​​Cayan's VP of Product: Why We Focus on Customer Experience

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