About five years ago, we began a significant new initiative at Cayan. Our goal was to develop technology with previously unseen levels of gateway and acquiring functionality. As RetailNOW2016 approaches, we’re excited to tell you about the innovative solutions we have created.

Until now, when companies were considering EMV options, they had to choose between a gateway or acquiring environment. Most gateways are unable to bundle acquiring, and provide a single source solution, while a pure acquiring environment eliminates the many benefits that a gateway offers. However, with our new technology, Cayan allows you to realize all the benefits of a gateway while still having freedom to choose your acquirer. Our solution allows you to:

  • Give your merchant customers the ability to easily choose an acquirer today and in the future.
  • Maintain your longstanding acquiring relationships and not have to worry about converting large volumes of customers quickly.
  • Enable your major accounts to maintain existing relationships with acquirers and see the benefits that a gateway solution provides.

Or, where appropriate, you or your customers can choose a bundled gateway and acquiring solution from a single provider and:

  • Avoid the challenges of coordinating two companies to handle support issues.
  • Eliminate the need for two companies to mark up their services and pass the cost onto you and your customer.
  • Avoid the potential of reduced income created by multiple companies marking up these services.

Cayan is unique in the scope of our project—we have invested millions of dollars in the development, infrastructure and support of this new technology. Only Cayan delivers a powerful gateway and/or acquiring solution that meets rapidly evolving EMV and security requirements in a unified commerce environment.

Come visit us at booth #407 to talk about all the payment technology solutions we offer and find out how you can get everything you and your customers need with one simple API integration.

Learn more about what Cayan is doing at RetailNOW.

​​Cayan CRO Ken Paull on Acquiring Flexibility

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