Another year, another Black Friday shopping extravaganza in the books! And let us say, shoppers this Black Friday did not disappoint at the register - all 16+ million of them

Our 2017 Holiday Payments Index, which this year analyzed more than one million in-store payment transactions on Black Friday, suggests that brick-and-mortar shopping is alive and well. Consumers were generous with their plastic, especially EMV.
Our study found EMV to be the most popular payment method: 73 percent of shoppers paid with their chip cards while 18 percent payed with magstripe. Despite EMV continuing to be a thorn in consumers’ sides, its widespread adoption at the point of sale has successfully moved EMV from a new concept to mainstream. This becomes apparent when you compare its growth to last year, when just 55 percent paid with EMV and 34 percent paid with magstripe. 


On the other hand, Black Friday this year proved that some traditions are tough to break. Not only did we see the holiday shopping bonanza stay true to its infamous crowds and discounts, shoppers also appeared to remain consistent in their muted desire to pay with their mobile phones. According to our data, only one percent of shoppers opted to pay with their phones, up from just 0.6 percent in 2016. 


Will mobile payments close the gap in 2018 like EMV? Check back next year.

​​Dip, Swipe or Tap? How Consumers Paid on Black Friday, By the Numbers

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