Halloween is right around the corner, and children around the country are finalizing their plans to maximize their candy intake this year. But for business owners, Halloween is a chance to offer great deals, connect with your customers, and have a little fun. With so many more holidays around the corner, it’s a great way to get into these habits, too. Here’s a few tips we have to make Halloween into an opportunity at your store.

1. Decorations. There’s nothing more important than connecting with customers, and decorations are a part of it. A little goes a long way of course – not everyone’s going to turn their shop into a haunted house – but showing that you’re festive will put shoppers in a happier mood. It’s one of the central tenets of our philosophy here at Cayan: if you connect with customers, they’ll keep coming back.

2. Offer discounts. Deals, discounts and loyalty are all hugely valuable tools in customer service, and to stand out, you need to personalize them. Plenty of companies have items that can be used for Halloween – from fabric for costumes to batteries for flashlights to bags for candy. Even if you have to get creative with your tie-ins, that’s just an opportunity for customers to think of your products in new ways.

3. Prepare for a last minute rush. While many kids start planning their costumes months and months ahead, plenty of adults aren’t as excited about Halloween. From candy to costumes, customers will need help – and a fast checkout – in the final stretch before Halloween, all the way up until the day itself. You need to help these customers get in, get what they need, and get out fast.

Embrace the season! Holidays are a great time to connect with customers during seasons where they’re making memories —a good experience could keep them coming back. Soon you’ll have so many recurring shoppers it’ll be spoooookyyyyyy. (Sorry.)

​​Happy Halloween: 3 Tricks to Make This Season a Treat for Your Customers

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