As RetailNOW continues, our CEO Henry Helgeson has appeared on several panels offering his opinions on the recent changes in payments—and what’s coming next in the future. If you’ve missed him, here’s some of what Henry’s had to say. And if you want to find out more, look for Henry around the show or come talk to the rest of us on the Cayan team at booth 407.

His take on the transformations in POS during the collaborative conversation “Are You Prepared for the Opportunities That Accompany New POS Technologies?”

In traditional retail, POS has done a good job at solving problems. As we move into this new world of payments and commerce, we look at retailers who are trying to figure out how they sell across multiple channels and how they can connect better with the consumer.

If you look at a lot of the POS systems within the tradeshow floor, there seems to be more of a trend of having a customer database and trying to be smarter about who’s buying what and enhancing the buying experience and getting the right targeted offers in front of those consumers. That is one of the big trends that I have noticed—not only at RetailNOW, but in 2016.

Talking to the panel about the move to e-commerce and their priorities as companies, during RetailNOW’s collaborative conversation “Payments as a Service”

A few RSPAs ago, there was no such product as Unified Commerce. The merchant would go to a web developer for their e-commerce needs. Then, they would go to somebody in the payments industry for their in-store needs.

What percentage of your merchants actually have some type of online presence as well as in-store presence? How important is that to your business, and how much are you getting asked by your customers to support some type of presence online and in-store?

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