Compliance is a crucial part of payment processing. Every company that processes credit cards must work hard to be sure that they are up to date and in line with all compliance requirements, or else they face both legal penalties and serious security risks. With those security risks come the possibility of breaches, financial losses, reputation hits, and more.

At Cayan, we require customers to become PCI-DSS compliant within 90 days of approval. PCI-DSS is the standard of the industry, and we urge our customers to start working toward compliance as soon as they start with us. To learn more, please visit the PCI Security website here.

No matter the size or focus of your business, compliance education is important. Learn more directly from card issuers in this library of compliance resources:

Mastercard: E-Learning Courses
Mastercard: A Merchant’s Guide to Chargebacks
Mastercard: Online Resources for Fraud/Risk Management
Visa: 5 Important Rules Every Visa Merchant Should Know
Visa: "Verified by Visa: Merchant Best Practices"
Visa: Reducing Counterfeit Fraud Through Acceptance Best Practices
Visa: Visa Payment Acceptance Best Practices for U.S. Retail Petroleum Merchants

​​The Basics of PCI Compliance

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