In the two years since the launch of Apple Pay, mobile payments have seen steady growth in popularity. Surveys show that more and more customers prefer to pay this way thanks to its added convenience and security, but sometimes aren’t sure where they can do so. A recent experiment we conducted shows just how readily customers will use Apple Pay if given a small reminder that your store takes it, leaving them happier and more likely to come back again.
Our experiment was a simple A/B test to see whether a small mark on the POS highlighting Apple Pay would, in fact, increase usage. After collecting baseline data, we made a slight change to the appearance of the screen. We didn’t alter the transaction flow—we simply put the Apple Pay mark on the splash screen as a prompt to customers who would prefer to use it. We suspected a boost in usage would come, but we wanted to put it to the test.
The results were definitive. We saw an average increase of 300-500% in the use of Apple Pay in our sample group. The difference was noticeable immediately—as you see in the graph, the jump occurs right on the day we introduced the change.

Chart of Increase in Apple Pay Use
And it’s not just customers who were excited about Apple Pay – many merchants were thrilled to see a boost in use. Tori Richard, a clothing and lifestyle company in Hawaii, took part in the test, and they were delighted by the results, according to Jason Zambuto, vice president of the company's retail division.
“Once the splash screen was changed, there was a huge increase in the number of customers who used Apple Pay at our store,” he said. “We were happy to see it – it helped to speed up transactions and keep lines short. In fact, even though the test is over, we’ve kept the logo on our screens to make sure Apple Pay use stays high.”
Study after study has shown that customer satisfaction depends heavily on a simple, fast checkout experience, and by allowing your customers to pay the way they want, you’re ensuring a serious boost in customer satisfaction. Our experiment confirms that many customers aren’t always sure what’s accepted at the payment terminal that sits in front of them, but prompting ensures that they pay the way they want to pay. 
Apple Pay is accepted at more than 3 million locations total, including retailers of all sizes. If customers are informed—or reminded—that they can use Apple Pay, a significant number will happily put away their wallet and reach for the convenience of their phone, making the checkout experience easy, secure and simple for employees and consumers alike.

​​"We Take Apple Pay": Giving Your Customers the Experience They Prefer

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