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  • May 31, 2012
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Founded in 1998 by two entrepreneurs who saw a better way to help business owners save on their merchant service accounts, Cayan remains committed to helping future innovators improve the world in other ways. The following article is part of a continuing series of educational resources for students and teens from our Insights section.

Kids are especially good at coming up with imaginative ideas. Not surprisingly, many simple ideas have lead to inventions that improve or add to people's lives. Inventions come in a variety of forms. Foods, medicines, modes of transportation, chocolate bars, kitchen appliances, telephones, and computers are just a few examples of inventions. There are many famous inventors whose creations are used on a daily basis today.

For instance, the multi-talented Ben Franklin had a great ability for invention. He invented the furnace stove (the Franklin stove), the odometer, and even bifocal glasses. Most people connect the name of Ben Franklin with the concept of electricity. Through his experiments, Ben Franklin discovered that electricity flowed through objects. His research and discoveries brought about many of the conveniences people enjoy today. Televisions, lights, refrigerators, stoves, and computers are only a sampling of the items that run on electricity. A kid living in the 21st century may not believe that he or she can become a great inventor like Ben Franklin. However, Ben Franklin possessed certain qualities that many children share today. For example, Ben Franklin had a curious mind. He wanted to know how things worked and he persisted until he found the answers. Also, he wanted to help people by inventing things that would make their lives better. Like Ben Franklin, there are many imaginative kids who dream of creating something that will make life better for others.  

Inventions take place in a number of ways. Sometimes an inventor has a detailed plan for an invention and other times an invention occurs by accident. Furthermore, people have devised inventions to make their own lives easier. Kids are great at coming up with creative ideas. In addition, they are experts at seeing quicker and more efficient ways to do things. There's a lot of information on kid inventors that will serve to inspire a young person to pursue his or her own inventive ideas. Studying the work of famous inventors such as Ben Franklin and Thomas Edison can be another way to get those inventive juices flowing! The following article contains information that will likely inspire a kid to create his or her own awesome invention.

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