Learn more about LightSpeed and Cayan

Learn more about LightSpeed and Cayan

  • Jun 26, 2013
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This video features a number of interviews collected from the LightSpeed VAR Summit in Phoenix in March. Those interviewed examine the Merchant Warehouse LightSpeed partnership, as well as how Merchant Warehouse's support and customer service play a major role in ensure the success of LightSpeed merchants. The video also covers the two companies shared vision for the future of payments and customer engagement.


Video Transcript

Flexibility & Innovation Converging Through Partnership

Merchant Warehouse:

  • Founded 1998
  • Over 80,000 merchants
  • 300+ Team members
  • $8B in annual processing
  • 12M transactions / month


  • Founded 2005
  • Over 11k installations
  • 400 resellers
  • 85 employees
  • Partners since 2006



Ali Nasri - Mac911

With Merchant Warehouse , we were looking for a way to easily get out customers who were starting new businesses that didn't have merchant accounts a quick, easy way to start up and Merchant Warehouse has been great.


Tara Guidry - The Orchard

Merchant Warehouse is great about beating rates and also, I like recommending it because I know how to use it, I have faith in it and I can use my testimony as a good point to say, "This is who you should go with."


Brian Werner - Western Slope

You know, our relationship with Merchant Warehouse has evolved and it's been a very fruitful and positive one for us, I think, for our clients and for the Merchant Warehouse team, mostly because Merchant Warehouse customer support has been so available from the initial client discovery, through the installation process, through any technical support issues that might arise.


Chris Williams - TRICOM

No merchant wants to have situations where they go down and they can't do any processing, so the reliability has to be there. Cost, you know? Is it going to be more expensive than my existing credit card processor. So we need reliability, we need cost. They wanna have a team stand behind them.



Evan Brubaker - GoodWorks POS

Most of our customers don't have a dedicated IT staff and they need to have regular support and regular training that is personable and that really can reach them on the level that they're operating day-to-day, and that, coupled with their concerns about security, are a really big deal for us 'cause everyone's heard horror story about credit card data being stolen and, you know, our partnership with Merchant Warehouse has really helped us overcome those obstacles when we're dealing with customers.



Brian Werner - Western Slope

Since we're using Merchant Warehouse for all of our credit card processing we're aware of their technologies and we're actively beta testing the genius platform. Seeing that technology in action, using it day in and day out makes us really excited for the future of processing. Giving customers more options, just reducing the roadblocks to making a sale for our store and of course, for our clients.


Evan Brubaker - GoodWorks POS

We feel like credit cards are going to go away and this presents a bizarre shift in the way point of sale is done, but also the way that transactions are done. And, so, we're looking to see, you know, how we're going to adapt to that. How are we going to accept payments from mobile devices? How are we going to accept the kinds of electronic movement that is going to become the standard, whether anybody likes it or not?


Dave Sherry - LightSpeed

I think the future of point of sale is not point of sale. We've always thought of point of sale as going to the cash register, taking out your wallet, and checking out. That is not the future. The future is delivering a world-class experience, no matter where you are in the store. Maybe through an iPad, an iPad mini, an iPhone, an iPod Touch, whatever it is, the future of point of sale is customer experience.


Dax Dasilva - LightSpeed

So the future of point of sale, I think, is the redefinition of shopping. The customer experience has to change and it has to be as good as shopping online. I think people have gotten used to the conveniences and the efficiencies of shopping online, but there's still that need to go out to the store and shop. The shopping experience in the store cannot be at a disadvantage to shopping online; It's gotta have all the information, all of the cross-selling, you know, the related products, and the  salesperson can deliver that to a consumer in person using iPads and mobile units. I think that's how we're going to redefine shopping in this online age.