Partner Case Study: Big Frog and Genius by Cayan

Big Frog and Genius by Merchant Warehouse

A month after acquiring his Big Frog Custom T-Shirts & More Store, Tim Campbell, Pond Owner & Principal Frog, was researching payment processing options that were integrated with his ReSource POS software. Tim was drawn to Cayan because of their payment solution, the Genius Customer Engagement Platform.

With Genius, Tim was able provide his customers with a unique customer engagement experience at the counter-top and create unique opportunities for his business. Tim could not only take advantage of enhanced security, streamlined support, and a myriad of value-added capabilities, he was able to significantly save on credit card processing fees and transaction fees.


PIN Steering - How it Can Save you Money

Genius utilizes a technology called BIN smart which, through the process of PIN steering, automatically routes transactions through the appropriate networks saving businesses tons in Interchange fees. Prior to Genius, debit transactions were misappropriated as credit transactions, which are more expensive to process for the merchant. By having the ability to accept debit transactions and properly steer them, Tim was able to save hundreds in credit card processing.

“Within a month of using the Genius Customer Engagement Platform, I started saving at least $300 a month on credit card processing.”

-   Tim Campbell, Owner & Principal, Big Frog Custom T-Shirts & More Store


The Integrated Solution

The Genius Customer Engagement Platform and ReSource POS integration created opportunities other non-integrated and integrated payment solutions couldn’t for Tim. In addition to significantly cost savings, Tim was able to take advantage of digital receipt management with Signature Capture and integrated PIN Debit capabilities, creating business management efficiencies.

Furthermore, by using integrated processing with a PA-DSS validated POS system, merchants can alleviate many of the burdens PCI compliance creates for businesses. 

Don’t be left guessing what an integrated solution can do for your business. Discover the full potential of what a Cayan partnership will deliver for you and your valued customers.