Earn more revenue and make eCommerce easy for your customers

Partnering with Cayan adds an incremental revenue stream to your bottom line — and gives your customers the eCommerce capabilities they want.

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Benefits for You

Account Updater

Automatically update your customers’ expired credit cards for uninterrupted recurring billing

Lifetime Residuals

Get paid on every customer transaction


Comprehensive Sales Support

Setup, board and support your customers with zero liability

Simplified Upsell Process

Module integration with cPanel, WHMC, WHMCS and 125+ shopping carts.

Working with Cayan

Become an integrated Referral Partner today. Earn additional revenue and provide robust eCommerce for your customers

Benefits for Your Customers

Streamlined Online Application and Approval

Easy signup and approval increases conversion

Secure Processing

Level 1 PCI certified tools for the utmost in cardholder safety and security

Comprehensive Support

24/7/365 Customer and Technical Support by in-house merchant experience team

360 Degress of Payments

Mobile payments, e-commerce, retail, and more give merchants flexibility to accept the payments they want

Please note: Cayan has a variety of payment tools and technologies which may or may not be suited for some businesses. Contact us and we can ensure you have the most appropriate payment processing.