Agent Team

Meet the Agent Team

Our dedicated, in-house Agent Team helps agents manage and grow their business to guide them to success. The team includes sales, account management, technical support, training, and marketing. Our commitment is to do anything and everything to support agents and their merchant customers.

Team Member Spotlight

Charles Barringer

Client Services Representative

Fun Fact: Nine years ago, Chuck started electronically controlling his Christmas lights to create a show that features 62 songs and videos. The lights are controlled to move in time with the music. When visitors hit his street, they can tune into a radio frequency to hear the synchronized music from their cars.
A few years ago, Chuck put out a guestbook to see where people were coming from and discovered many were travelling from as far away as Europe and Asia. “I ended up finding out people were coming from Korea, Japan, Ireland and the UK," Chuck says. "People were making this their kickoff to the holidays and bringing guests; some have come for five years." He estimates that over 7,500 people came by his house in 2016.

Sales & Marketing

Michael Gavin

Senior Vice President, Operations

John Buchanan

Director, Third Party Sales

Doug Small

Manager, Third Party Sales

Neil Lanzendorfer

Third Party Sales Coordinator

Alex Villar

Account Manager

Eric Pouliot

Account Manager

Evan Schlem

Manager, Knowledge Management

James Middleton


Kyle Toomey

Pricing & Outreach Manager

Max Pugatch

Agent Relationship Specialist

Mike Rafferty

Channel Marketing Program Manager

Client Services

Alena Reed

Client Services Representative

Amanda Pye

Client Services Representative

Charles Barringer

Client Services Representative

Technical Support

Gregory Rudolph

Technical Support Specialist

Jennie Fountain

Knowledge Management Analyst

Michael Dinh

Technical Support Specialist

Oscar Garcia

Technical Support Specialist