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Cayan Partner Marketing Assets

Cayan's partner marketing assets are designed to provide you with the resources you need for co-branded sales and marketing, whether digital or printed.

Approved Messaging

The messaging statements below are pre-approved for your use on your website and in your marketing materials. Should you need further direction on additional messaging for Cayan or Genius, please contact your Partner Development Manager.

Genius Handheld Marketing Materials:

Genius Handheld Resources

Genius Handheld Boilerplate Statement:

Genius Handheld is a first-of-its-kind, semi-integrated, EMV enabled mobile payment device in the U.S. that helps retailers reinvent the in-store shopping experience for consumers. It allows sales associates to get out from behind the counter and onto the shop floor -- helping customers and closing sales. From line busting to in-aisle checkout, Genius Handheld gives retailers much more flexibility in designing their checkout experience.

Genius Handheld Banner Ads

Additional Resources

  • Cayan Status page
    • Your merchants and you can subscribe so you can receive real-time alerts from Cayan. With one quick registration, you’ll automatically be notified if there’s a performance incident or maintenance event, so you’ll be the first to know as soon as it occurs.
  • Cayan Help Center
    • This is an online resource designed specifically for your merchants and is filled with FAQs, articles and topics.
  • Cayan Insights
    • This is our blog that provides tips, news, and ideas from the worlds of payments, business, and technology.


Use guidelines. Our new brand identity is very important to us. Here are some common misuses of the Cayan wordmark. Improvisation or “adjustments” are not permitted.

  • Do NOT compress or stretch the wordmark.
  • Do NOT use a box to contain the wordmark.
  • Do NOT outline and fill the wordmark.
  • Do NOT use other type or recreate the wordmark or descriptive line.
  • Do NOT apply color logo on a color background. Our red logo can only reside on a white background.
  • If you plan to use the wordmark on a colored logo, please use the white version.

For download. All files are in PNG format with transparent backgrounds.


The following are our primary colors, approved for use by partners.

Cayan Red
C0 M81 Y87 K15
R 218 G 41 B 28
Cayan Blue
C84 M0 Y18 K0
R 0 G 174 B 199
Cayan Grey
C0 M0 Y0 K68
R 113 G 112 B 115
HEX# 717073
Put the Genius of Cayan to work for your business.