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Payment processing made easy.

With over 17 years of experience, Cayan is a trusted payment processing provider, and our powerful tools can make your business more profitable.

Terminal Payments

Accept payments with a traditional processing terminal.

POS Payments

Create a seamless experience through your POS.

Online Payments

Securely process payments through your online store.

Mobile Payments

Solutions for accepting payments through your mobile device.

Payment Processing
at the Terminal


While traditional payment processing terminals have been sufficient for most business owners, the landscape's evolved in recent years. Because new technologies like NFC and barcodes have quickly gained popularity, businesses need to adapt in order to accomodate consumer preferences. There are fully loaded bundles and standalone terminals available, so every business can find the right terminal for its needs and keep pace with the world of payment processing.

Payment Processing for
Retail Point-of-Sale


It used to be that POS systems were only meant for enterprises, or those willing to invest in a lot of complicated equipment. With the advent of mobile POS applications and decreased manufacturing costs, POS options have become more affordable for businesses of all sizes.

Payment Processing
for eCommerce

Rates for online payment acceptance are different from those for in-person options, so you need to be clear about what you want. To get the best possible rates, we’ll set you up with a separate online merchant account.

Setting up a quality, secure online merchant account is key for launching and operating a successful online business. We offer PCI-compliant solutions at low prices to get you up and running safely and quickly.

Mobile Payment Processing

Accept Payments with your Phone

More and more businesses are discovering the financial benefits of accepting payments through smartphones and tablets. The flexibility of processing remote payments through a portable device allows you to extend your sales beyond your physical outlets.

Through Genius EX, you can process credit card transactions in real time over Wi-Fi, Edge or a mobile network. Genius EX is a free app for all business customers, and there are no expenses associated with the wireless terminal.

Accept Mobile Payments

Consumers are the driving force behind m-commerce because they've quickly adopted programs like Apple Pay. Payment solutions providers, technology companies and financial institutions have reacted by introducing new payment options as well as offers and rewards programs, which has made the situation all the more confusing.

We clear all of that up with Genius. This industry-first customer engagement platform provides businesses with a dynamic and scalable solution that’s ready for whatever the future brings.

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