What are the primary payment challenges Merchants are facing today?

From the merchant perspective, again, it's about ultimate flexibility. It's what are the payment solutions, the program solutions, the offering solutions that make the most sense to offer to my customers. As a merchant, what I'm most concerned about, beyond that flexibility, of course, is what is coming down the pipe. What Genius does is it future proofs the merchant against the risks associated with going and picking a specific path. The Genius platform, being open and flexible future proofs and protects them against the next thing that's coming down the pipe.

There are exciting developments every single day in the payment space right now. It is absolutely white hot. It is great news for merchants, it is great news for consumers, it is great news for developers. If you have an open platform to deliver those solutions against, it is minimizing risk and it's optimizing opportunity. The challenges that merchants are facing today with respect to payments are tremendous, and they're really coming at merchants from all angles, whether it's technology or the form factor at the point of purchase and the merchant counter and what is required to be able to respond in a way that drives value to their customers at the point of purchase.

All of these pressures are on merchants now every day and at an increasing and alarming rate. The reality is that merchants are facing tremendous disruption, tremendous confusion, have lots of choices to make, and those choices are only expanding every single day. What we are in a position to do with the Genius platform is provide the flexibility that is needed to effectively respond to those choices and not only respond but take advantage of them as opportunities, opportunities for themselves and their customers.