Quarterly Product Update - Spring 2017

Cayan is pleased to introduce new quarterly product updates. This will be a regular source for communicating new product launches and feature releases, and will provide a view into how individual product enhancements fit into our solution set. We will post updates every quarter, so be sure to check in and learn about the latest and greatest.

1. Unified Commerce Features

Card Account Updater
Cayan recently announced the availability of new Card Account Updater functionality. Available as part of the Unified Commerce Solution™ Suite, partners integrated to the Cayan Card Vault can now support automated card updates.

Expired cards are a common headache. If customers don’t inform the business of a newly issued card, it leads to interrupted service and, in many cases, lost sales.

For example, some merchants offer services that are billed on a recurring basis, such as web hosting, gym memberships, monthly donation plans, and more. And e-commerce customers may allow consumers to store their credit card information on a merchant’s website to speed up checkout.

Cayan’s Card Account Updater delivers a friction-free shopping experience by automatically updating the consumer’s Visa or MasterCard account-on-file information. Now, if the customer's card number or expiration date changes, our solution automatically retrieves the new information for merchants in a timely, efficient and cost-effective manner.

This feature is available immediately for all retailers of partners integrated to the Cayan Card Vault.
To get started or find out more information, please contact your Partner Development Manager or VAR Manager.

2. Genius

Genius Handheld
In February, Cayan launched Genius Handheld, allowing store associates to accept payments anywhere in the store. When linked to a mobile POS tablet or pre-loaded with a POS application, associates can e­fficiently and securely accept payment options away from the countertop, minimizing the wait to pay. Retailers and restaurants can process EMV or any preferred payment type wherever the customer is, whenever they are ready. And it’s the perfect companion to Genius Countertop.

Genius Handheld leverages the Genius API so there is no additional work. POS partners new to Genius can implement either Genius Handheld or Genius Countertop first - once you certify to one solution you’re ready to go.

To learn more go to https://cayan.com/genius/handheld
Tip Eligible Amount
Genius Countertop now has the ability to specify a tip-eligible amount prior to payment, as required in some payment situations. For example if a consumer spends $125 for a haircut at $80 plus $45 of hair products, the only want to tip on the $80 haircut. Other scenarios could include:
  • Restaurants: Tipping is typically based on total amount, but some regions don’t allow tipping on alcohol, and most restaurants exclude gift card purchases from tipping.
  • Service Merchants: Tipping for salons, spas, health clubs, yoga studios, etc. is purely based on service amount and not on items purchased such as gift cards, hair products, oils etc.
  • Medical Service Merchants: Tipping for doctors, physician assistants, nurses and other medical professionals is not allowed by law, and certain services are restricted from gratuity. Medical spas, plastic surgeons, and other medical and semi-medical services have a mix of tippable and non-tippable services and staff.
This feature is available on Genius or higher integrated with a POS that supports Tip Eligible Amount. It is not available for Genius Handheld at this time.

To add this feature please see our Genius API documentation at https://cayan.com/developers, and if you have any questions please contact our integrations team at integrations@cayan.com.
FSA (Flexible Spending Accounts)
Flexible Spending, Health Reimbursement and Health Savings Accounts have become a popular way for consumers to manage their healthcare expenses. In fact FSA credit acceptance is now a business requirement for pharmacies. Now pharmacies can use Genius to process FSA card transactions as well as take advantage of all traditional Genius benefits such as keeping card data off the POS, remote updates, and Chip IQ for fast EMV processing. Contact your partner development manager for more information.
Gift Card Enhancements
You asked and we listened! Genius has added gift card functionality that delivers more value and streamlines the consumer experience. Consumers can now be prompted by the Genius display screens to perform the following:
  • Swipe gift card to activate card, add value and perform balance inquiry
  • Key card number to redeem, add value and perform balance inquiry
To provide this functionality to merchants, Genius partners must make minor code changes and certify. Please refer to the latest Genius API documentation links below and note that the ADDVALUE API call is used for both activating a new gift card and adding value to an existing gift card, i.e. there is no separate API call for card activation. The certification script can be found here. Once certified, your POS will be able to prompt consumers through the Genius screens.  For more information, please contact your Partner Development Manager or visit the Cayan Help Center.
EBT Cash
Genius Countertop is now able to process EBT Cash Benefits.
EBT (Electronic Benefit Transfer) is a system allowing state welfare departments to load and redeem benefits to applicable citizens via a magnetic stripe card, similar to credit cards.

Merchants wanting to enable this feature must be processing with either TSYS or Chase Paymentech and must have PIN Debit enabled on their account. EBT Cash will eventually be part of all other future platform/processor certifications.

To add this feature please see our Genius API documentation, and if you have any questions please contact our integrations team at integrations@cayan.com.
Customer Input
Genius’ new Customer Input feature allows retailers to collect numeric information from their customers on the Genius device. This is particularly useful for retailers who want to enable credit applications at the point of sale. The customizable prompt allows the customer to enter numeric values such as a phone number, birth date, driver’s license, etc.

Communication between Genius and the POS must be done via https channel due to the possibly sensitive nature of the information. The POS is responsible for routing and storing the information, and Genius does not collect or store this data.

This feature is available on Genius or higher. Coding to the Get Customer Input API call is required, API documentation is here on cayan.com.

No certification or additional configuration is needed, however we ask that you notify integrations@cayan.com after completing implementation.

3. Additional News

New EMV certifications
Cayan continues to offer Genius merchants the latest in payment processing capabilities by achieving two EMV certifications this quarter.

In January we announced EMV certification with payments processor Elavon, a leading global payments provider and subsidiary of U.S. Bancorp. Read more at https://cayan.com/company/newsroom/news-articles/cayan-achieves-elavon-emv-certification

And on March 27 we announced EMV certification with Chase (Paymentech) Merchant Services, the global payment processing and merchant acquiring business of JPMorgan Chase & Co. For more information go to https://cayan.com/company/newsroom/news-articles/cayan-achieves-chase-emv-certification

The addition of both certifications offers Cayan customers greater flexibility in determining which EMV processing solution works best for their business, expanding the options available to our rapidly growing Genius customer base and allowing Elavon and Chase customers to use Genius.

Coming soon

Genius Mini
Cayan is currently preparing to launch Genius Mini, allowing merchants to accept payments using a peripheral connected to a native iOS app on an iPad or iPhone. Available later this Spring, the reader will connect by audio jack or via paired Bluetooth.

Restaurants will like the portability of Genius Mini - wait-staff can make paying the bill more convenient for customers by taking payment at the table. They can also use it for remote payments via food trucks, festivals etc.
Specialty retailers can get away from the counter with their tablet POS and accept payments in the aisle or away from their physical store location.  Go where your customer goes – festivals, pop-up shops, wherever – and deliver a more personalized checkout experience to improve conversion rates.

And services and repair professionals can take payments at customers’ homes or job sites, eliminating the need to mail an invoice.

More information will be sent out soon or through your partner development manager, stay tuned!
Genius Handheld accessories and stands
Cayan recently launched Genius Handheld, the semi-integrated, EMV enabled mobile payment device that helps retailers reinvent the in-store shopping experience for consumers.

Later this Spring, countertop stands will be available for retailers interested in a smaller countertop solution, and the stands also serve as a charging station. Cayan will also soon be able to offer multi-charging stations to charge up to three devices at a time. More information to come in the next quarterly update.

Genius Handheld

Genius Handheld has arrived to take customer engagement to a whole new level.  Merchants today are feeling the pressure to evolve the in-store experience to keep up with the increasing consumer expectations.  The status quo is not an option. 

Genius Handheld gets merchants out from behind the counter and on to the shop floor – helping customers and closing sales.  Merchants can now take the robust features of the Genius countertop device into the aisle with:
  • Lightning-fast EMV
  • Mobile payment acceptance
  • Digital signature capture and a full-color touch screen display 
With the new Genius Handheld device, higher conversion rates and happier customers go hand-in-hand.

Getting up and running with Genius Handheld is easy - it uses the same Genius API as the countertop device.  Once you’ve completed a few simple validation steps, you’re on your way.  Contact us to get started today!

To find out more about Genius Handheld, visit https://cayan.com/genius/handheld