We're Showcasing Security at NRA, come see it

Patrick Turiano

  • May 21, 2011
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We’re going to be at the National Restaurant Association (NRA) Show in Chicago through Tuesday and one of the themes of this year’s show is security.  We’re going to be demonstrating our solutions at booth No. 5574 at NRA and we would like to show you what we can do for you. So please, stop on by and say hello.

While the Verizon Data Breach Research Report, issued a few months ago, stated that data breaches, the really big ones, had declined in the last two years, most likely due to the arrest of masterminds like Albert Gonzalez, and that mobile devices would be the next items to see an increase in data theft, we’ve actually seen a flurry of breach activity in the last few weeks.

Just two weeks ago Michaels Craft Stores reported a pin-pad tampering breach that affected 7,200 POS terminals nationwide. That followed news out of Canada that two men had been arrested for allegedly trying to tamper with a POS terminal at a retail store in a shopping mall, and also there was news of an uptick in skimming devices being planted at ATMs.

Clearly, the days of data breaches are far from over. Just this week TrustWave release its report on a survey conducted that showed 90 percent of credit card breaches occur at the small merchant level. Within the study, it also stated that the food and beverage industry and the retail industry combined accounted for 75 percent of all breaches. The report claims that because food and beverage makes up such a large portion of the portfolios, they are targeted more often.

With that news having been freshly released, we’ll be giving demonstrations of the MerchantWARE Security Platform, with such solutions as our encrypted card readers and Transport platforms. These are great solutions to have in place that allow merchants the ability to store cardholder information in a more secure location than on their terminals, which, as history shows, are vulnerable.


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