The future is connected.

Genius Checkout™

Easily and securely accept payments online.

Genius Checkout is an e-commerce payment solution that integrates with any retailer’s existing website or mobile app. Feature rich and fully-customizable, this secure shopping cart plug-in provides the ultimate protection from fraud and easily connects with in-store payments for seamless checkout experiences across channels.

With robust fraud protection tools, easy integration options and omnichannel capabilities, Genius Checkout easily bridges the gap between in-store and online payments.

Robust Fraud Protection

Stops online fraud and reduces chargebacks in 30 days or less with comprehensive fraud prevention powered by Kount®.

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Easy Integration

Flexible, customizable and works with any existing website or mobile app – including Magento and Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

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Unified Commerce Capabilities

Links online with in-store payments for true unified experiences through the Genius Platform.

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MWC 2018: payments embed into a connected world

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Connecting online and in-store is essential

The best e-commerce solutions link online and in-store experiences and are built to bring in new customers, establish better relationships and unlock countless opportunities. Check out the numbers for yourself.


70% of consumers want retailers to have both in-store and online shopping available



87% of consumers are more likely to shop at a retailer that offers buy online and return in-store



By 2022, nearly $1 trillion in online transactions will occur in the US



Built-in Fraud Prevention

The most robust protection available

Genius Checkout comes fully-equipped with comprehensive fraud prevention from Kount. This powerful tool gives retailers the ability to minimize costs and reduce their losses when it comes to fraud. With real-time analytics and customizable rules designed to catch the most common types of fraud, Kount shows you which transactions are safe, which require further review, and which should be rejected. Even in the face of constantly rising online fraud, this technology prevents fraudsters from stealing and disrupting businesses all over the world.

E-Commerce Partners

Integration made easy

Through these integrations, Genius Checkout makes it easy for you to keep your current website and link in-store and online channels as part of your unified commerce journey. As the industry continues to shift, these plugins are key to making everything as seamless and enjoyable as possible for your customers.

Genius® Platform

It's Genius

As part of the Genius family, Genius Checkout is powered by our secure, scalable and fully-customizable platform. It provides features that securely retain cardholder details like card-on-file purchases, subscribe-and-save ordering and automatic card updates to reduce payment declines and improve customer conversions.


Have payments your way – any channel or processor and integrated to hundreds of POS, e-commerce and gift card providers.


Gain true peace of mind – fully encrypted and tokenized, cardholder data never passes to the POS, e-commerce or merchant systems.


Choose what you want – payment types, cost savings and control features, customer engagement and industry specific options.


Ready for what comes next – industry updates, new payment types and feature enhancements are all seamlessly delivered via the cloud to every device.

Put the Genius of Cayan to work for your business.