State of the Payments Industry

Welcome to the Cayan State of the Payments Industry.

Focused on 4 main quadrants, the Cayan State of the Payments Industry will examine and provide up-to-date information covering all aspects of the payment industry from consumer credit trends to important information on regulations and technology. While individual sections will be update regularly as new information and data become available, each quarter Cayan will deliver a new report highlighting major updates and trends ensuring that our audience is fully aware of where the industry is and more importantly where it is headed.

Credit Check Mobile Wallet Informed Insight Industry Pulse

Four Quadrants:

Credit Check - This section will examine current and projected consumer spending and credit levels noting changes and provide an overview of how this translates to merchants and retailers.

Mobile Wallet - As the payment industry begins to leverage new technology we have chosen to include a section on the Mobile Wallet. In addition to data and projections on consumer usage as well as the major players in the space, we will also cover new technology and updates from the merchant side such as Mobile POS and the omni-channel impact of this new technology for merchants.

Informed Insight - This section will provide Cayan the opportunity to leverage our 15 years in the payment processing industry to provide our own projections and predictions for the industry, as well as those from some of our peers, for what is ahead in the world of payments. 

Industry Trends - A look at the Payment Industry today and notable trends and regulations that will impact Card Issuers, Banks, Processors, and Merchants in the months ahead.

Quarterly Infographics:

Each quarter Cayan will be providing an infographic focused on providing an overview of the main trends, projections and statistics on the four quadrants listed above.  

Monthly Payment News Updates:

Each month Cayan will be providing an update on the latest news in the payments space, aimed at keeping you up-to-date.