Thanks for selecting Merchantware as Best Channel Product 2011

Patrick Turiano

  • Aug 2, 2011
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MerchantWARE®, by Merchant Warehouse was selected as a Best Channel Product by Business Solutions Magazine readers. Thank you for honoring us with this award.

The executive product team at Merchant Warehouse has focused much of its efforts over the past year to create an easy to integrate, fully featured PCI-DSS certified payment solution platform that can help POS developers deliver the most secure card payment solution in the industry.

In this age of data breaches and heightened data security concerns at the merchant level, Merchantware delivers numerous end-to-end encrypted solutions that help alleviate the costs and complexities of PCI compliance at the merchant level.  Our suite also provides multiple ‘out-of-scope’ PA-DSS payment solutions for developers which help save money and eliminate PA-DSS headaches. We’ve extended our encrypted card reader options to include MagTek and ID Tech encrypted card readers for swiped and keyed transactions which makes the Merchantware solution nearly ubiquitous in the marketplace.  And for those POS developers who want to extend their solution into the mobile marketplace, we have one of the few secure mobile payments options available.

For those of our partners who are focused on reselling the optimum payment solution and account services, we’ve streamlined our partner program to offer more service, more support and more revenue generating opportunities.  Check out the Merchantware secure payment suite if you haven’t already. You’ll find the right solution and the right program that will save you money and earn you money all at the same time.

Thank you for trusting Merchant Warehouse with your customers and with your card data security. Stayed tuned for more Merchantware and Partner Program features in the coming months.


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