Top 5 Reasons to Become an Independent Sales Agent

Top 5 Reasons to Become an Independent Sales Agent

Michael Gavin

  • Apr 10, 2014
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Personal interaction, flexibility, work-life balance, and money. It’s what many of us look to achieve from our careers over time. And yet, for the vast majority of us, it’s an aspiration that will never be fulfilled.  Changing careers and becoming an independent sales agent isn’t easy. It’s a major step for many, leaving behind the security of full- or part-time traditional employment and embarking on a new adventure. Independence is often a great source of motivation and drive, but it’s also a bit scary and risky as well.

So, why would someone want to become an independent sales agent? Here are the top five reasons we hear from our agents

  1. Schedule: Gone are the days of 9 to 5. Independent sales agents make their own schedules, giving them complete flexibility to work as much or as little as they want. Imagine working four hours a day as opposed to eight or even 10? For sales agents that dream can be a reality.
  2. Independence: Why work for someone else when you can work for yourself? Being your own boss is very appealing to many. Agents have the ability to build their own business and the flexibility to change it over time.  
  3. Earnings Potential: Money. We need it to live and work to get it. Working for someone else, they control what you make. Working for yourself, you control what you make. And, for many independent sales agents, earnings continue after the initial sale. For example, in our business – selling merchant services and payment technologies, agents receive residual ongoing residual payments, providing them with longer-term earnings for each signed customer.
  4. Engagement: Work is a key social experience in each individual’s life. In traditional work environments we spend 40 plus hours a week with our co-workers and considerably less time with family and friends. Independent sales agents have the opportunity to work with people but not for them. Agents build relationships with their customers, local networking associates and other businesses to serve as a foundation for their business, but those relationships also support an individual’s need to interact with others.
  5. Breadth of Offerings: Work isn’t always fun. But, independent sales agents have the ability to design their own business, including the services and/or products they sell. For example, if an agent is targeting local small business owners, they could sell just merchant services, or they could expand their breadth of offerings and earnings potential by selling point-of-sale (POS), accounting software, and a lot more. 

Independent sales isn’t for everyone, but for many, it’s a great opportunity to have independence, flexibility and control.