What is Tabbedout?

Whether you’re an industry professional in the payments ecosystem or a consumer who is an early-adopter of new mobile technologies, the pool of mobile-based payment and loyalty applications continues to grow. And, application developers are targeting their offerings to specific industries, such as Tabbedout®, which is positioned as the only mobile payment solution built exclusively for the hospitality industry and integrated directly with the point-of-sale (POS).

Based in Austin, TX, TabbedOut is now available at more than 1,000 locations throughout the U.S. including TGI Fridays and the company is currently integrated with leading hospitality POS developers including Dinerware, Digital Dining, NCR, and Micros.

For consumers, Tabbedout provides the convenience of checking out when they want via a free mobile application and even includes a check splitting options for parties of two or more using the application. Depending on the merchant offerings, customers can also receive immediate, personalized offers from their favorite restaurants or bars.

The value proposition to merchants focuses on increasing revenues through data capture and targeted offers and it provides consumers with the opportunity to provide real-time feedback, allowing merchants to take immediate action as opposed to trying to decipher often anonymous postings on other review sites. In November the company introduced a new customer relationship management (CRM) element, which allows merchants to track, segment and target their customers.

When a customer opens a tab using Tabbedout, the merchant can immediately identify whether the customer is new or a repeat customer. If the customer is a repeat user of Tabbedout, their buying preferences and habits will also be immediately available. For the merchant, this type of immediate information is incredibly value as it presents a simple, easy platform to recognize new customers and work to make them into loyal evangelists and reward existing customers with instantaneous offers.

What is inherent within Tabbedout is really the crux of what is occurring in the payments ecosystem. While many feel that it’s primarily about mobile, the story is much larger than that – it’s really about the extended value that mobile delivers in terms of data collection, aggregation and delivery to the business owner and the capability that provides for them to immediately take action to grow their revenue opportunity.