Why We Decided To Rebrand Our 17-Year-Old Company

When I founded Merchant Warehouse in 1998, it was with the simple goal of making it easier and more affordable for small to mid-sized businesses to process credit cards. 

It’s obvious that technology has changed much about the way we live, work and play. And entrepreneurs today are well aware of how technology can make or break their businesses. What many don’t realize is that there’s often a huge, untapped opportunity sitting on their countertops (metaphorical or literal): the point of sale.

A few years ago, we recognized an opportunity to expand our focus far beyond payment processing. We knew that an influx of new payment types would be entering the market and that businesses would be eager to take advantage of them. But no one wants to change their point of sale system or checkout devices every time a new digital wallet or payment type is released. 

The launch of Genius was a defining moment for our company, expanding our focus beyond payment processing and merchant services. Our goal was to help businesses unlock the power of payments now and going forward. 

As we went through the process of building our own technology solution from the ground up, we realized that the name I gave our company back in ‘98 just didn’t capture our vision for the future anymore. It no longer reflected who we are and where we’re going. 

Today, we unveil our new identity: Cayan. Punchy and unique, the name has the capacity to take on meaning and communicate new offers in our growing portfolio. 

I’m really proud of the brand equity that Merchant Warehouse has built over the past 17 years. Through analysis, we learned that customers and partners associate the “Merchant Warehouse” name with trust, security and ease. These brand associations are important to our business, so before rebranding, we carefully contemplated the pros and cons of changing our name.
Ultimately, we discovered that our company’s positive reputation is connected to far more than our brand name and aesthetics. The trust, security and ease that customers and partners associate with “Merchant Warehouse” was earned through the actions of our amazing people, our dedication to unlocking payment possibilities and our commitment to security. 
Our new identity also signals our commitment to providing businesses with the payment technologies that prepare them for the future. It’s a trajectory that we’re familiar with, but the act of changing our brand is our way of saying that we’re all-in -- and that this vision is something we want all of our customers and partners to know about.

From here on out, Cayan is the name that our company lives under. We are the payment possibilities company and we will move forward with a bold and fearless conviction that the right technology can help our customers remain competitive and thrive now and in the future.